Screenplay – optioned by Keanu Reeves – have all rights back – action

Hot-headed ex-Olympic silver medalist HARRY COCHRAN, 32, his loving German girlfriend PETRA PEETSCH, 25, and their new American buddy GREG ALLPORT, 29, rocket down a mountainside, flashing through a burst of powder toward a train chugging up a steep incline through the French Alps. They are serious skiers, but flat broke, so they hitch a free ride, and inadvertently stumble into a ferocious shoot-out over a box of untraceable diamonds. Avoiding bullets, they grab the “ice,” jump the train and ski toward Chamonix. D’ALESSANDRO, a well-dressed 35-year-old mobster, wants his diamonds back and he won’t quit–his life is on the line. Meanwhile, the three skiers disagree about what to do. Harry votes to keep the diamonds, but Greg’s got ethical misgivings and real concerns about the dangers they’re facing. He thinks they should go to the police. Petra is the undecided X-factor, caught between the offenders.