The GRIFFENS have been around since the days of Ancient Greece. In the time of the Golden Era, when everlasting life was the Royal quest, Greek witches magic rituals led a coven of crazed men and women looking to discover how to consume the life energy of another human being for the purpose of prolonging ones own life. In the few fleeting minutes after a Griffen gets this ‘life essence” he or she can feel what it’s like to be human. From there they roamed the earth in search of fresh victims, feasting now more on lives and life-energy than on food. They have survived for thousands of years, growing more and more canny, always on the move, always leaving a trail of empty husks that once were living people. They must devour a human every forty-eight hours in order to stay alive. If they shape-shift often or sustain injuries, they need fresh victims even sooner to use the life energy to heal. And they must shape-shift; otherwise they would be spotted immediately for the life-consuming monsters that they are.